Feed your love for food with Lovewithfood.com

Food has always been an integral part of our lives. They are a part of our culture, a necessity, a universal hobby that never fails to connect people no matter if they have known each other for 5 minutes or 5 years, and always a joy to discover. Well most of the time it is. […]

Protocol.By – Let people know how to best contact you

  Whether it’s Business or Personal, Serious or Casual you don’t want to miss any of your messages.  Business cards and Personal calling cards are good but isn’t it great to have all your contact details in just one place so you can easily be reached? Protocol.By is a web service lets you tell everyone […]

Fortunenotes.com – Express Everything

  I want to buy a house.. I want to travel around the world.. I want to find a perfect mate.. Have you ever been so passionate about your dreams and wishes that you want to express it and gather insights on how to achieve them?  Now, here’s a place for you to express and […]

Katango.com – Group Facebook Friends

When you have too many contacts Facebook, one thing that makes you headache is you could not group or categorize them. With Katango, you can make better sense of all the people you have befriended on Facebook. It lets you have all contacts be sorted into group automatically. There is no need to check through […]

Sunumax.com – Humanize Your Website

With Sunumax, you can make your website friendlier by adding human models to engage with visitors. Human models can be added to greet visitors and introduce them to the products and services that you provide. Unlike usual traditional video box, Sunumax provides you a better and interesting interface to display the human model. You can […]

Tunebirds.com – Share Songs And Playlists On Twitter

Tunebirds is a website that lets you share music on Twitter easily. Unlike other similar websites such as 8Tracks and Instant.fm, Tunebirds does not require you to upload songs or playlists. You will just need to search for the songs that you want and add them to your list. After that, just share a song or […]

Nosh.me – Share Good Food With Your Friends

Nosh.me is a mobile app that combines Foursquare and Yelp. It is available on Android and iPhone. With Nosh.me, you can share “what’s good here” at a restaurant that you are visiting. After taking  photos of the food, rate it and leave tips or comments with you friends on Facebook or Twitter. Besides, you can […]

Remember Complex Password With PasswordGear

Are you a person with problems remembering password, like me? If you are, PasswordGear might helps. With PasswordGear, you will be able to memorize complex passwords with the aid of graphics. You can generate a password between 6-20 characters that includes any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers. After that, the app will […]

Group Buy For Sports Tickets

Group buying sites are so common as there are so many Groupon clones. But have you heard of group buy site specially for sports tickets?  Crowd Seats is a group buy website that sells only sports tickets. Compared to other deals offered in other Groupon clones, sports tickets sales is a niche and it suited […]

Fatminds.com – Continuing Education Courses

For people  who are looking for further studies or more education courses, Fatminds.com is an ideal website. Fatminds has incredibly comprehensive collection of adult courses that are reviewed by users of the site. Private, public, for profit and not-for-profit institutions and courses are all featured, and mainly Massachusetts and California are covered. They has a […]