Spotify App comes to Blackberry App World

Great news for Blackberry users! Today it’s official that Spotify is available through the Blackberry’s App World. Blackberry users were already able to download Spotify through the web browser. Now users can download it right from App World, but not for every Blackberry owner. Only owners of BlackBerry 5 or later device can go into […]

Instagram updates to 2.5 for iOS

Since Facebook bought Instagram, this is the first upgrade of this photo-sharing app. It’s a new iOS update to 2.5 with improvements. The upgrades of Instagram app are letting users to load their photo bit faster than before. There are not only speed improvements, but also visual improvements and more. According to Instagram, the new […]

Angry Birds Space now for free on iOS

Less than three months ago, Angry Birds Space was launched. Now the same version is available for iPhone, iTouch and the iPad for free. Before, iOS users need to pay $0,99 for the ad-free Angry Birds Space version and now the free version is supported by advertising. It has its limitations as users can only […]

Flipboard App released for Android phones

One of the best apps made for the iPhone and iPad is now available for Android phones: Flipboard and it will be bundled with Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Flipboard co-founder and CEO Mike McCue told ABC News:  “We looked at the Android device specifically, and all the different screen sizes, and made sure Flipboard would […]

Apple introduces iOS 6

At its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple didn’t announce the new iPhone but some highlights of iOS6. Apple’s iOS 6 comes with new features. As Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said: ‘’New changes in our notebook line up and major releases for iOS, the world’s most advanced desktop and operating systems, making them even better so that you […]

TomTom is integrated in the new iOS 6 Maps app

Apple is going to replace Google maps for its own map app, but now it seems like that the Dutch navigation-system maker TomTom has made a deal with TomTom. According to Thomas Husson, consumer product strategy analyst for Forrester Research:  “Apple finds a way to be less dependent from Google, to offer its own mapping […]

Task is the new to-do app for iOS to plan everything in your life

Have your own to-do list as a Timeline? The France-based app development company Nuage Touch is the creator of Task. Task is the new calendar-based list app which can make your life run a bit more smoothly. Task has some similarities with the iOS app Clear. Both apps are created to plan your life in […]

Google Translate for Android gets a facelift

Good news for Android users! Google Translate app for Android has been updated so the new Holo user interface will replace the previous web-style colour scheme and now can be matched to your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and The Google translate app has a new Holo user interface which gives a cleaner looking and […]

Facebook releases new admin panel for Facebook Pages

Facebook pages finally get administrator roles and schedules posts. These access controls are offering business and organization for more and better security capabilities. Now there are five new roles: manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser and insights analyst. The manager is the one who has the most permissions and have access in any admin roles and […]

Facebook to be integrated into iOS 6?

In the past few years, there has been an immense amount of speculation over the integration of Facebook into iOS 6. Now, Facebook finally will be integrated in the newest version. According to Techcrunch: “To be clear, Twitter will still very much be a part of the new iOS (presumably named “iOS 6″ and codenamed […]