Palestinian Hacker breaks into Zuckerburg’s Facebook wall

For Khalil Shreateh –A Palestinian self-described unemployed security researcher, what started out as a well-wished attempt to inform Facebook about their security loophole- ended up being termed as a “violent user”. On 19th july,2013  Shreateh hacked Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook profile and posted a link on his private timeline. According to many internet sources, […]

Napsters founders launch Airtime video chat

Do you remember Chatroulette? Airtime, the Web video chat service is designed to take up where Chatroulette left off. Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning are the one who have changed the music industry forever with Napster.  Now, they have introduced Airtime, a Facebook-connected app that let users share live video with their Facebook friends or […]

AwesomeShip – Package Tracking Made Easy

AwesomeShip a trio of entrepreneurial guys who came up with an idea how to help online retailers improve their customers’ satisfaction became winners of the First Startup Weekend Hong Kong. Online shopping became extremely popular activity, so AwesomeShip found a niche in this emerging market. So, the concept of AwesomeShip is very simple: it tracks […]

Old bird, new feathers? – Twitter gets a makeover

Heads up people, there is a brand new Twitter in town. Latest among the social media sites to undergo a facelift is the web’s most beloved communication tool, and it has certainly got the web buzzing about it alright. Why did they change the design and what exactly is new? Twitter’s makeover sees the integration […]

Youtube steps into social media field

YouTube homepage has been redesigned to offer viewers more personalized experience putting emphasis on social features. In the middle of brand new homepage there is an activity feed view while the left side integrates Facebook and Google Plus, suggests channels and subscriptions. The Subscription feeds include algorithmically determined video uploads, and with one click viewer […]

Bizzabo, A New Social Networking Tool For Professionals

      Bizzabo makes networking at events and conferences easier.  This is a location-based app that helps attendees fnd, meet and connect with relevant professionals. The mission is to unleash and maximize the true potential of networking during business events. Nearby “business opportunities” are missed on a daily basis at conferences, trade-shows, corporate meetings […]

Create Your Own RPG Games with

Want to create your own version of Legend of Zelda but do not know a single line of code? RPG JS would be the service you will love to have. With RPG JS, you can create a world for player to move around to solve questions while fighting enemies encountered. This website lets you add […]

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” now for $2.99

What? I need to pay to watch that “Friday” video? yah, but that was 3 hours ago. The song “Friday” by Rebecca Black was set to be rent for $2.99 but the rental was cancelled shortly after that. TechCrunch came up with three explanation for why it was set to be rent previously: Rebecca Black’s recording […]

Sneakpeeq – The More You “Peek”, The Cheaper It Becomes

I found a special shopping site that incorporates social and fun elements to make buying experience fun. Sneakpeeq is a flash sales website that offer specialty items such as women’s apparel, accessories, makeup, or even food. However, price of these items are not shown until you open up the item and click the “peeq” button. […]

Fun App For Food Lover

Want good food with the best deal? With Foodstream, you can view aggregated data about nearby cafe and eateries from Allmenus and OpenTable, together with the best deals offered by Groupon on a map or a list. Photos, reviews, direction,travel distance,promotion details, happy hour specials and links to get the deal from Groupon and OpenTable […]