Check-in to Places with InPulse Smart Watch

InPulse BlackBerry Smart Watch is designed for the workaholics, ThumbBerry addict, letting you check your e-mail, messages, and calls right from your watch. This is especially useful if you are in a meeting and don’t want to be rude in front of your clients, looking at the time is quite harmless, after all, you might just be rushing off to another meeting. Well, InPulse Smart Watch takes the regular BlackBerry service to another level, allowing you to now check in to the ‘Places,’ with Facebook.

InPulse Smart Watch communicates with your BlackBerry using a Bluetooth and then uses the 3G connection from your phone to connect with Places options on Facebook. We are already communicating non-stop with our BlackBerry, iPhone, and other Android smartphones, and along came a watch with Facebook option. What’s next for us social media addicts?

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