ChoozOn – Social Networking Goes Shopping

Facebook is mainly for personal network designed for casual social interactions with friends and other peers. Although the concept that Facebook built around was successful, it does not target specific niches and is more for the general public to use. So a trio of former Yahoo executives took this as an opporunity to build a new specialized social networking website, ChoozOn.

The website  will begin operating early this summer. It is focused on shopping discounts and sharing and receiving them from brands that the users themselves choose to connect and communicate with. A great convenience that ChoozOn offers is that users will be able to organize and manage their daily deals and discounts that is picked and highlighted for them by the website itself, based on his or her tastes and preferences. And when users share their shopping and brand preferences, the retailers can customize specific discounts for them.

Co-founder and CEO Nick Weir comments on ChoozOn, “We’re creating a whole new network where people can manage their deals, their affiliations with brands they like and loyalty programs they belong to and the subset of friends who are their shopping pals. We felt there is a tremendous opportunity in the online marketplace for consumers and brands alike to create some type of way for everyone to communicate in a beneficial way.”

I have a strong feeling that this website is going to be big. Who doesn’t love discounts brought to their doorstep, really. What do you think?

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