CityVille Now Available In Google+



CityVille is the most popular game on Facebook with 72 million users.  If you are unhappy with all the drastic changes of Facebook and can’t live without playing CityVille daily,  the game maker Zynga has the solution for you.  CityVille is is now available on Google+

Many unsatisfied users of Facebook who are unhappy with recent changes are getting attracted to Google+.  The very popular Facebook game could even attract more online goers to try Google’s new social networking site.  CityVille’s launch on Google+ is part of Zynga’s partnership with Google. The company wanted to make their games accessible to everyone regardless of the platform. CityVille is their most popular title and the release should prove to be beneficial for both parties

Zynga was recently hit with a major loss as their quarterly profits dropped by 91 % and the company lost 3 million users. Since entering last week, Google+ grew by 30 percent in just 2 days, topping 43 million users. Spreading to this new platform will help Zynga gain new users and help Google generate more interest in their social network.

Aside from the CityVille, Google+ also offers other games like Angry Birds, Zynga’s Poker, and a lot more. According to Google, the list of games will expand gradually, so it looks like Zynga’s CityVille is just the start, and more quality games from Facebook or a brand new game exclusive for Google+ will arrive soon.


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