Cloud music deals for Apple

Followed by the cloud music service deals between Warner Music Group and Apple,  Apple is going to sign another agreement with EMI music. In addition, Apple’s deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, and multiple music industry sources are also near to completion according to CNET.

The licensing agreements with Warner Music Group will enable Apple to launch a fully licensed cloud-music service to rival unlicensed offerings of rivals Amazon and Google.

When all the contracts with these top four record companies are in Apple’s hand, the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference will kick off too. However, when Apple will announce the deals or begin the cloud service is still unknown.

What’s cloud? It means a third party’s servers for computing instead of a local PC. With cloud service, consumers are able to store their songs on Apple’s servers Then, their libraries can be accessed from Web-connected devices.

Although Apple is behind Google and Amazon in the race of the cloud, now with the contracts from top four record companies, Apple is able to offer features that rivals are not rolling out due to licensing restrictions. For example, Apple could just scan a user’s hard drives to see what songs they own and then provide them almost-instant streaming access to master recordings, instead of requiring users to upload their songs to the company’s servers.

However, the service is not for free. Once a user stop paying subscription fees, music stored in the cloud will disappear.

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