CloudOn 2.0 app brings Microsoft Office and Adobe reader to iPad

The app that can lets users get Microsoft Office on your iPad named CloudOn. This app just launched a new version 2.0 which provides more access and services for iPad owners. Sharing documents on cloud services is also one of the new features like through email, Box or Dropbox.

CloudOn 2.0 launched a new free app for iPad owners which will bring Microsoft Office to the iPad. Its own interface is giving users more direct access to work with Microsoft Office such as editing, saving and sharing documents on the cloud. Users have a lot of access such as change formatting, spell check, creating charts and putting comments. This is including tracking changes in Word, creating pivot tables in Excel and viewing PowerPoint slideshows.

This productivity app is integrating with some other services such as Adobe Reader, Box and Dropbox in other to allow users to easily create, edit and share on iPad. Users can use the Adobe Reader to view PDFs, PSD and various image files.

CloudOn is going to mobilize a number of productivity apps for the iPad. Milind Gadekar the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of CloudOn said: “We’re going to be about more than just delivering Microsoft Office on the iPad’’. So it means that we can expect more useful apps from CloudOn?

The app CloudOn 2.0 is free to download for iPad owners. This second edition of this app is making it easier for iPad users to share and collaborate on cloud services.  What is your experience with this app?

It is an interesting start that this company is trying to solve the productivity problem.  So do you think Microsoft Office will bring officially Office to the iPad?

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