– Job Search Engine For Recent Graduates

I guess this month will be a month for job hunting since the second semester of undergraduate studies had just ended for most universities.

For those fresh graduate, first thing comes in mind after graduating is about finding a job. It won’t be easy to find a job at job portals such as JobDB or JobStreet when there are also other people with more working experiences fighting for the same job with them.  Getting that first professional experience can turn into a deep source of frustration and ideals can lose their spark before too long.

However, with Congradz,  fresh graduates can land a job more easily and quickly.

How does it work?

Only jobs that are meant for young graduates or graduates will be posted on the site. Therefore recent graduates can look for position that are 100% suited to their status and condition and will not fail to get it due to lack of working experience or young age.

They will not have to spend more time than it is tolerable to look for their first jobs anymore using this resource.

Positions can be searched by type, category and the date that they have been posted. Just like other job portals, it is free of course.




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