Connect to People Out of Your Circle with DOMO

It’s like a matchmaking application for friends, pulling out your Facebook interests and likes, DOMO graph your interests and based on these items, shows profile of people that shares similar interests. DOMO released its easy-to-use application on Androids and iPhone on Wednesday, 9th March for the social network butterfly to download.

DOMO, a Japanese word for ‘nice to meet you,’ registers your location using a GPS and shows where you are to other DOMO users. If you find a profile that matches with your interest, you can view their full profile, to pursue a new friendship; you can then send a message or send a message saying, ‘Domo,’ to the user.

Takahito Iguchi, Founder and CEO of Tonchidot said, ‘Domo connects people! Domo makes love and peace!’ He also added that, ‘Domo will be in Austin at South by Southwest! We will buy you a drink! We will domo you! We will find many other people we should meet nearby!’

To get started with DOMO, simply download the application, synchronize it with your Facebook account and set the information that you wish to share on DOMO through your Facebook account. If only I am an Android or iPhone user, I would probably download this application for fun. What’s after sending the message? Would you consider meeting people of the same interest from Domo or even Facebook?

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