Consumers Spend Average Of $14 For Virtual Items On Free Mobile Games

Do you buy virtual goods in mobile games? If you do, do you know how much have you spent on those virtual items?

Mobile analytic firm Flurry found out that 51 percent of in-app purchase transactions come from transactions that are $20 or more. Statistics also show that people who are playing free games tend to make in-app purchase(purchase goods while an app is running) compared to paid games.

Vice president of marketing at Flurry said,” We were surprised the numbers were so high. Clearly, the high end of the spending drives the average up.” He also notes that digital games for iOS and Android are disrupting the portable retail game category that is dominated by the Nintendo DS and SonyStation Portable devices. The revenue share of portable games for iOS and Android has increased from 33 percent from 2008 to 2010 while Nintendo’s market share in portable games fell 18 per cent.

Flurry thinks that once consumers decide to make a purchase, they are willing to pay large amounts for items in the game. In addition, the highest amount of spending is very high-top 5 percent of total purchases are over $50. Therefore, game creators are recommended to design their games to accommodate these top 5 percent of high spenders.

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