Converts iPad2 Into a Laptop

A new product by Cruxcase can turn iPad2 into a laptop by placing it in a case. The case is a $249 clamshell enclosure that gives users a keyboard and a trackpad.

CruxCase says that both trackpad and keyboard will be connected with the iPad using Bluetooth and the trackpad will control the tablet in the same multitouch way as the iPad’s screen. An extra external battery tucked inside will support the Bluetooth connection and extend the battery life of  iPad2.

In order to have PC functions with the iPad, you will need to install a remote desktop app such as Log Me in Ignition, Jump Desktop or Splashtop.

Although the combination looks like a complete PC or laptop , the functions will not be responsive as a laptop would be and fast connection with a Mac or PC is required to make this work.

The product won’t be available until Fall 2011 and it will need to be approved by Apple first.

If this gadget is going to work, I think I will have another solid reason to get an iPad2.



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