Cox brings live streaming to the iPad

Cox Communications has finally joined the likes of Cablevision and Time Warner in cutting themselves a share of the live-TV-streaming-on-the-iPad pie. Not only free, the app allows subscribers to Cox TV to stream live TV from 35 channels (and more in the future) from anywhere within their home.

The availability and rising popularity of streaming online videos on mobile devices has led to an increase in the demand for access to TV shows and networks on more platforms than just their native TV screen. Cable operators have certainly risen to the occasion, with more providing apps to stream TV shows on Apple devices and Cox being the latest one to do so.

While Cox envisions to eventually integrate the functions of the new Cox TV Connect with a previous app they released, Cox Mobile Connect which lets users browse content and program DVRs from Apple devices, to create an all-in-one application, its current offering does not fare well in comparison with Cablevision’s, which released its iPad app with all of its channels available at launch. That said, copyright issues with TV shows have proven to be tricky to work out looking at the lawsuit between Viacom and Cablevision.

Cox TV Connect now allows Cox TV subscribers greater access to their content, however this new addition to the list of apps offering live TV streaming on the iPad does not offer anything new but acts as a nice prelude to the all-in-one app that Cox that will eventually create.

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  1. Shaun Reply December 13, 2011 at 3:06 am

    Any streaming app is a good app for customers, Cox just has to many requirements for their app. Working at DISH I watched the industry turn towards streaming this year, and it is a great step if offering more choices to customers and possibly keep some from cutting the cord. But I also saw that all of the providers were putting streaming right back into the house, which is the one place you don’t really need to be streaming except in niche situations. If it came down to watching television in my house on my iPad or my television, the television will win for two simple reasons, its large, and I get all my channels. But I love streaming, I love the idea, I love the implementation of it, outside the house. Like the article said this is something they envision getting it out of the house, that could take years. Rather then waiting I will stick with my sling adapter, hooked up to my DISH receiver it allows me to stream all my live channels and recorded shows to my iPad, iPhone or android device no matter where I am giving me true TV everywhere without waiting for possibly years.