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Lets’s admit it. At this day and age, visuals matter. Even though it may seem unfair, how something is presented is mostly judged by how it looks on the outside – whether it be a book, a person, a car, and yes, formal presentations. But what if you need to present something at a meeting and you’re not quite sure of your creative skills?  You hardly know how to hold a real paintbrush, let alone a digital one. And hiring a professional would be too expensive.

Inimeo offers the public an inexpensive and easy way to create and edit jaw-dropping multimedia presentations. In the comforts of your own home, and under your control, you can readily make your own striking presentation without the need of shelling out extra money. All you need is your computer, and your imagination.

I’d like to think of this website as something like Google Docs. Because, simultaneously, you can actually edit the presentation along with other users so that you can work on it together. After you’ve done your presentation, it can be embedded in practically wherever you want it to show – in your blog, your website, your social profiles, etc. Pretty cool huh?

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