Create Your One Stop Website with the Help of NationBuilder

With the 2012 election hyping up, there’s no better time to launch a one stop shop to create a chic looking website to promote a candidate or even support a common cause. NationBuilder, lets you create website in matter of minutes, this platform also combines all social media networking websites into one.

NationBuilder not only lets you create the website but it also helps you in terms of sending your newsletter, create calendars, a payment platform to support a fundraising, and also the ability to send mass text messages are integrated in this platform. One of the features in which NationBuilder provide is a financial dashboard which allows users to track down the number of donors, amount raised in a day or a month, given the fact that it is connected directly with, PlayFlow Pro, and other payment platforms.

With $20 to $500 per month, NationBuilder aims to be the one stop shop for politicians, however, with the look and sound of it, I think that it can be for people with common interest to raise awareness for something as well, perhaps, a new charity foundation start up. Although this is relatively a good idea, I wonder if the politicians will actually use this platform, given the amount of money they have, I am sure they have their own team to build a website. What do you think of NationBuilder?

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