Customization of Plush Toy- Happy Toy Machine

Kids always like to draw or “design” their own cartoon character.  Did you ever thought of turning their drawings or designs into something real? The founder of Happy Toy Machine thought of this and made many kids’ dream come true through his startup that has won as today TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley audience choice winner.

Initial intention of making his own child’s drawing into real plush toy leads founder of Happy Toy Machine to create such an interesting website. Happy Toy Machine is a website that allows users to create their own cool, cute, and crazy custom plush toys online.

It operates at the intersection of the traditional toy industry and the new trend towards mass customization and user-designed products. You can create their own plush toy any way they like with an online toy builder application, customizing colors, shape, features, and decorations, and personalizing the toy with a message.If you are satisfied with your design,the customized toy can be manufactured and shipped within days by Happy Toy Machine.

Price ranges from $30 to $50 dollars, which is similar to their nearest competitor, Build- A-Bear’s price.  When the startup was asked by the judge about the differentiation between his business model and Build-A-Bear business model, he said that Happy Toy Machine has a  lot more customizations to offer. In addition, the design element of the site is designed specially so that children can interact with the site and be able to design toys on their own.

According to the founder, the company would like to partner with video games or other entertainment properties to leverage Happy Toy Machine’s platform in the future.

One of the judges of the TechCrunch Disrupt Alley suggested that the company can collaborate with Disney such that Happy Toy Machine will just focus on manufacturing plush toys from drawings and Disney can help them to get more customers. That is instead of doing the business in the Business-to consumer (B2C) way, it can be done in the Business-to-business (B2B) way.

Have a look of their presentation:

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