Custora Keeps Your Customers Around

As one of the online customers, I sometime leave the online shop for other shops or hang around on the website without making any purchases, I sometime return to the site, I sometime don’t. Yes, we customers are tricky,  it’s hard to satisfy us, and it’s even harder to read what’s on our mind. Y-Combinator released Custora in hope to bring some insightful information of such online shoppers to the online shops.

The SaaS released by Custora is designed to provide the online shops which of their customers are valuable and suggest ways to keep them around. “Google brings customers, we keep them around,” is Custora’s clever pun and their intention is to analyze all the data such as the order logs and shows the customers that have been hanging out on the site without a purchase versus the ones that left the site.

One of Custora’s specialization is also to send out e-mails to the customers that the online retailers might have lost contact with as well as a personalized e-mails to the repeated customers. In addition, Custora smartly paired up with other freemium offerings for the online retailers to attract the ‘just hanging out,’ customers into a paid customer.

Questions that Custora can help online retailers answer includes one such as “Is a Google customer worth more than one from Facebook?” I wonder how Custora will determine which customer is worth more than the other. If you are an online shopper, what is the decision making factor that makes you buy a product? Why do you hang out in an online retailer website? Is it for research purposes or are you just window shopping virtually?

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