DailyBurn Calculates Calorie from Photos of Food

I have always wondered how many calories does one dish at Hawker Centre contains? Those greasy rice and mixed vegetables, curry, and noodles are a killer of my gym session. Take a picture of your food and send it to DailyBurn as it calculates how many calories does that food contain.

Although, I doubt they will be able to identify the hawker center food, this application comes in quite handy when you want to calculate calories of a sandwich, spaghetti, or basic western food to other international dishes. Andy Smith, CEO of DailyBurn explains that this application basically pairs what the dish looks like, judging from the color and ingredients, to the nutrition facts.

DailyBurn do not calculate the calories according the portion size yet or even the amount of ingredients in the dish, for example, the number of cheese slices in the sandwich, or if the dish is without meat or with meat. Most of the calorie counter applications are not meant to be accurate, the whole purpose is to give you a general idea on how much you have consumed in that day.

In addition to capturing and also storing what you have eaten that day, you can also share what you have along with the calories to your friends via Twitter or Facebook, using a button which is directly in the application.

What do you think about this calorie counter application? Snap and calculate, would it work? What other applications are you using to calculate your calorie intake?

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