Deal Locater- Aggregates location-based Group buys & Coupon

Isn’t it troublesome to check all group buy apps one by one so that you won’t miss a deal that is better than the one you are buying?

Now by using content from Google maps and international deal sites, Payground-Digital makes things easier by building an application for users to navigate the cluttered group-buying apps called DealLocator.

DealLocator gives you a bird-eye-view of what deals are available at your nearby location.It will be particularly useful when you are travelling or having vacation at some place that you are not familiar with. You will be able to find deals at the vacation location quickly and easily. In addition, with integration of Google’s Map API, a quick drag-and-drop of the orange picture allows users to view the street at a glance to know more about businesses, atmosphere and area of the location.  So you can decide whether to go for the deal after looking at the details of the locations.

Other than mobile platform, DealLocater is also available as a website. DealLocater has the memory of your last searched so that it will reload the same area the next time you launch it. Besides, the deals are also organized into general categories of interest.

So, just find your area, choose the category, click on a deal for a quick view, then you are ready to go for the best deal in town. It is just that simple.


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