Defaceable Allows You to Comment Anonymously on Facebook

Owning a Formspring account where people can anonymously ask you questions can be a daunting task. First of all, most of them who do send messages don’t really ask questions, but rather say nasty things about you. It’s a great way for the haters to show just how jealous they are about your life by constantly putting you down, and let me tell you I’ve had friends who tried it out but were more of the faint-at-heart type and after a while gave up.

Good thing not a lot of people, at least in my social network, really use Formspring. But what if that “anonymous” option came to Facebook, where practically EVERYONE breathes in to survive the unstable and ever-so-fleeting social world…

Defaceable is a Google Chrome extension that lets users comment using a different identity. And by different identity, I mean as fruits.

These anonymous comments can be seen by fellow Defaceable users both on the Facebook platform and other sites that use Facebook comments such as TechCrunch, or the LA Times. The extension works by “parsing the html code and extracting the ID of the comments you’re looking at, checking against the Defaceable database for defacements it can show you.”

As I mentioned earlier, commenters using Defaceable can post as “fruits.” So instead of your comments appearing as “Anonymous said,” it will rather be “Peach said” or “Grape said.” Which is, I admit, kinda cute. I mean I wouldn’t mind if I had a strawberry comment on my wall posts. Perhaps its one way for Defaceable to keep things friendly? I mean it would have a lesser impact if the haters commented something like “I hate u ur s2pid” with their name and user pic as a Watermelon.

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