Dell Intend To Use Google+ For Customer Service

Google+ is so popular that even Dell wants to use it for customer service.

According to the company’s chairman and CEO, Michael Dell, Google’s new group chat platform called Google+ Hangouts will be used as an alternative to their traditional service call. Michael dell has personally used the video chat more than a dozen times since he joined Google+ in early July. He showed the interest to use Google+ Hangout  for customer service when he posted on Google+: ” I am thinking about hangouts for business. Would you like to be able to connect with your Dell service and sale teams via video directly from”

The post was reacted very positively, with hundred of users agreeing that is a good suggestion. Using video call not only humanize the tech support, group setting in Google Hangout could also initiate help between customers.Besides, talking to a group of customers using the feature will be more economical for Dell too.

However, Dell’s idea is still not possible until Google+ open the service to everyone.In the past, companies like Comcast has adopted Twitter as part of their customer service. Now, Dell seems like going to use this new project to directly talk to customers in group.


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