Dell Joins The Battle of Cloud Computing

To keep consumers continue investing in Dell devices, Dell releases its latest software for cloud storage called Stage.

With Stage, users are able to upload pictures that they have taken using Dell mobile devices automatically to a pool of free, shared cloud storage. The new software also lets devices to remotely control and play back shared audio and video and other services.

Dell decided to release the new software based on the result of their market research. From the research, they found that customers has begun to use PCs and mobile devices to store their digital memories.

The Stage software looks like a set of square tiles on a user’s PC, with various categories like ” books,” “photos,” and “Apps”. 2 Gbyte pool of storage comes free with the software and additional 5 Gbytes can be bought for $19.99 per year.

Dell’s Stage software is clearly a strategy to beat Apple iCloud, which was unveiled not so long ago.


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