Developers can now respond to app reviews on Google Play

Android developers are now able to respond to user reviews on its Google Play. This means that you can receive soon a response directly from the company.

Actually, developers are able to read comments, complaints, suggestions and feedbacks, but they can’t reply to users. So users can’t get any answer of response and this also applies for the Apple’s App Store. But now Android developers can build goodwill and grow their reputation by letting developers view data, including comments, about their applications in the Google Play Android Developer Console. Users will be notified by email when a developer responded to its review.

Ellie powers, Google Play project manager said in a blog:

‘’User reviews on Google Play are great for helping people discover quality apps and give feedback to developers and other potential app users. But what about when developers want to give feedback to their users? Sometimes a user just needs a helping hand, or perhaps a new feature has been added and the developer wants to share the good news.

That’s why we’re adding the ability for Google Play developers to respond to reviews from the Google Play Android Developer Console. Developers can gather additional information, provide guidance, and — perhaps most importantly — let users know when their feature requests have been implemented.’’

The new feature will only be rolled out to developers with a Top Developer badge, but Google is planning to offer this to more Google Play developers in the future.

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