Discover New Applications with Frenzapp

It seems like knowing what your friends like is very important in today’s bustling online world as the ‘like,’ button mania continues and the recommendations of your friends matter. A Singapore-based mobile shop called, ‘Bitsmedia,’ created Frenzapp, an application that navigates around the iTunes Store to see which applications are popular among your friends.

Erwan Marce, creator of Frenzapp said, ‘It’s a natural for people to pull out their iPhones and share apps when they meet face-to-face.’ I couldn’t agree more especially in Singapore where most of people are with an iPhone not to mention, spend most of their time on it.

Frenzapp smartly detects the applications on your iPhone, connect to Facebook, and share to the world which application you are using. Users can now find new users, follow new users even if they are not friends on Facebook or Twitter but with the newly added service. With a simple push notifications button, you can publish which application you would like to be floating in the social media scene.

This new version of Frenzapp also comes with nine options for you to discover new applications, whether through Trending, Now on Sale, Popular, or Most Recent button, finding new applications has never been easier. Marce is hopeful of his new babe, Frenzapp, and if you would like to support Singaporean applications, then this is the one. What do you think about the concept of this application though? Is this something that you are interested in?

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