DIY camera kit creates personal Google Streetview

A Germany company has created the DIY-Streetview camera so now everyone is able to create their own Google-style Streetview!

Everyone knows Google Street View, right. This technology is already featured in Google Maps and Google earth that lets users explore places around the world with panoramic views from positions along many streets. Now the DIY-streetview takes the mapping technology in another new direction though, because users can create their own versions of Google’s Street View!

The DIY-streetview camera is created by Streetview Technology UG. They let users be able to create 360 by 165 degree photograph of any area. Each picture will takes two seconds to capture the full space as same as Google Street View.

The camera has a built-in GPS system to save data for each location. It also comes with a small server for processing your images and software so users can share their streetview creations through a website. Furthermore, users have an option to choose a car amount or a backpack for the camera.

So there is a chance that there will be people walking around with this and we definitely cannot miss it. Let’s see whether this German company is going to change the mapping technology. Would you like to create your own streetview on your website? Actually, it might be interesting for large companies as well to have their own streetview?

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