DragonDrop is a holding bin for drag-and-drop on Mac


Dragging and dropping files on your Mac might be sometimes difficult to locate the folder you want to move them to. Now DragonDrop will make dragging and dropping more convenient!

DragonDrop is making dragging and dropping much easier. You just need to drag single of multiple files into DragonDrop so it will stay there while your mouse is free to hunt down the proper folder or program.  Normally, you are worried to lift your finger accidentally off the mouse button. So now, no worries!

DragonDrop can also drag and drop folders, websites, text snippets and even colours! Handy right? You just need to download and activate the app on your Mac.  After you set some basic settings you can start to drag and drop! The small icon ‘DragonDrop’ will appear where you can drop your files, as many files as you want though.

‘’To enable DragonDrop you simply shake your mouse cursor around and you can dump whatever file you’re holding into DragonDrop.’’

Now you can buy it for $4.99 in the Mac App Store or you can download the trial for OS X Lion.  So would this app be convenient enough for you to use it? Let us know your opinion.



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