Draw Something gets more social with chat and Facebook/Twitter sharing

Draw Something is a popular and successful game! Within 6 weeks of launching this game on Android and iOS, it has been downloaded for more than 50 million times and 6 billion drawings.

The aim of this game is not competitive such as beating the high score of your friends but it is more focused on communication and relationship. So that is why Draw Something gets more social.

Dan Porter, formerly chief executive of Draw Something developer OMGPOP, and now vice president and general manager of Zynga Mobile New York said: “The game is very dynamic based on who you’re playing, and it can be so personal, which is why I think it will continue to connect people.Those connections are something that contributes to the longevity.”

Today, Zynga has launched more social features in order to let players communicate and share with each other in order to maximize the playing time of its users with chat and Facebook/Twitter sharing.Previously, many players share their drawing by using screenshot and upload it through Facebook or Twitter app. Now the update is making it easier to share because now players can post their drawing directly to social networks.

Dan Porter said: “I look at these as features that are about reinforcing the social relationships’’

During the game, players can chat with each other by sending comments. So, actually players can now give each other’s some clues or comments on their drawing skills. It is possible that people will get bored of this game. So I think that Zynga is trying to fresh up this game by adding some new social features. According to Zynga,  they will introduce new words every weeks. That would be challenging though!

Draw Something is now available for iOS and Android and tell us more about this new social features!

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