Dropbox Facebook integration goes live

Dropbox just integrated with Facebook! This will make it easier to share folders with friends. Last time, Dropbox already has redesigned their Web-based service and now again a new useful update.

Users who have a both Facebook and Dropbox account can send and share the Dropbox files with their Facebook network. So there is no need to use e-mail or attach the files into Facebook ‘private message’ anymore to share it……

This is new tool is allowing users to authenticate their Facebook account and then use the in-line auto-complete to select the name of that person. Just visit this page to get started and connect with your Facebook account! How to share folders with your Facebook friends? You just need to go to Dropbox Share page and sign in with your Facebook account. Then you need to pick a folder to share and can enter a friend’s Facebook name.  Or as before, you can still enter an e-mail address or Dropbox username.

Dropbox needs to put new stuff on table because of the competition against iCloud, Amazon and Google. I think this will be a positive move which it will definitely reach larger audience due to this integration.

Check the integration!

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