Dropbox: Share your stuff with a link!

Dropbox is taking on rivals with new sharing tool! One month ago, Dropbox Facebook integration went live and now Dropbox is launching a new link file-sharing tool.

This new link file-sharing tool makes sharing much easier! Photos, videos or docs in your Dropbox can be shared by a link. For example if you share an image, your friends and family only need to click on the link to preview your image. There is no need for them to download or to log in on Dropbox, because they can simply watch it online!

So, if you want to share files in Dropbox, just click on file and then click on ‘Get Link’. Dropbox will automatically generate a custom URL which you can send it to your friends or family. However, your friends and family have the ability to download the files or to save it in their Dropbox ( if they have). So this is making sharing much more easily?

Companies might use Dropbox for Teams and then they can share their materials such as presentations to clients or employees through the link.

Drew Houston, Dropbox CEO and co-founder said: ‘It has bothered us how hard it is to share things. The number of steps is a lot. Yet people just suffer through it as if it has to be this way.’’

This new link file-sharing tool has also his downside. The sharing link is ‘read-only’ so people cannot edit the file. However, it is quite easy to email and send the link to someone else without permission.  It could be a solution to put a password on the link though? But then one step would be added..

So would you use think tool?

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