Dropbox updates iOS app and kill of public folders

Dropbox has some new photo features on its iOS app and is also planning to drop support for Public folders after July 31.

The iOS update of Dropbox got some new photo and video features. Users can now upload photos and videos manually or automatically from almost any mobile device to the cloud by using Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. There will be an option to earn up 3 GB additional free space for uploading photos.  After that, you can skim easy through thumbnails in the gallery view.

In addition to the iOS update, Dropbox is going to drop Public folders. The Public folders have become one of the easiest way for users to share files over the Web and now this feature will be dropped after July 31. The public folders will be officially replaced by a simple ‘link’ that users can used to share a file or folders with others.

According to Dropbox: ‘’If your app depends on Public folders, we recommend switching to the /shares API call. Public folders in existing accounts, however, will continue to function as before.’’

So for current users, the function will continue as those Public folders already embedded.  But can also share folders by chosing the ‘get link’ option to share it with others.

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