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It all began with a letter from Mahmoud Hashim to Rudy Adler, Jonathan Good and Brett Huneycutt, co-founders of 1000 Memories. The letter explained how he would like someone to reach out and help these brave young men and women be remembered, to let the nation and even the world know who they are. Hashim kindly proposed the team to work with him in order to create the best way to remember these souls.

Utilizing the 1000 Memories, a special dedicated page has been created in loving memory of the people that have died in the political unrest. The page received over 150,000 unique hits, over 46,835 Facebook shares and 4,121 tweets. There are currently contains 142 people that has been killed in the anti-Mubarak protests.

Rudy Adler told the team at TechCrunch, ‘We’re committed to keeping it updated. We’re doing our best to verify all the information that comes in and working with the families to create memory pages … We’re glad we can help.’

1000 Memories can also be of your personal use, the process of creating the 1000 Memories page for your loved one is quite simple and straight to the point.

A close look at the memory homepage for your loved one

Details can also be added by friends and family

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