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With customized open source enterprise resource planning  solutions, businesses can save on their budget, and yet reap the rewards of implementing the most cutting edge business optimization tools. Being strong protagonists of the open source movement, the development team here at IdeaVerse specializes on various open source and premium platforms alike to ensure business optimization remains a matter of efficient operations only without a significant affect over company funds.

Enterprise Solution

What is Enterprise Solutions?

Leaving all the geeky terms aside, enterprise solutions help your business function better as a unit, with the sole purpose of boosting operational efficiency. Comprised of modules such as Project Collaboration, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning or simple Customer Relationship Management – we are sure somewhere along the way your business could use a boost of efficiency, and we are confident we can help you achieve that.

Do you Need it?

Depends. The question is not whether you need it, question is what exactly is it that you need. Our qualified analysts can go over the operational details and find key areas where you might benefit from implementing certain modules of ERP. More often that not, we can help identify notable weaknesses in your business operation hindering the kind of efficiency that is ideal for exponential growth. And fix it.



A Complete Enterprise Solution LifeCycle : How IdeaVerse Functions

Platform Selection

One of the key aspects of the ERP development lifecycle revolves around choosing the right tools for your business. Our qualified analysts excel in helping your business to opt-in for the right platform – depending on the size and operations of your current business state. Regardless to say, choosing the right platform can help you cut costs immensely, and can help your business to achieve stunning results. The platform selection process revolves around pinpointing key features of your business operations, effectively determining the ERP modules are required – resulting in a decisive move in creating the initial framework of the system . A platform is then recommended, which upon further reviews are sent in the implementation oven for our development team to bake.


This process involves migration of old data and developing upon the framework of the system. Key modules are customized according to specific business needs, while keeping things as simple as possible for future development. Following a versatile AGILE methodology for project and client collaboration – our development team ensure the right results are achieved only based on interactions – ultimately playing a decisive role in client satisfaction. Implementing cutting edge tools, the clients are always in the loop and never miss a step. Upon successful implementation, the first Alpha and Beta versions are implemented, which upon exhaustive Quality Assurance and Testing procedures, are finally installed in the business environment.


This step involves getting the key people used to the system and to train the staffs in order to efficiently fabricate the system within the business processes. Our robust and entertaining team ensures the learning curve remains as smooth as possible and involve a multifaceted approach in delivering training materials. Most of our training manuals are interactive experiences, oftentimes comprising highly customized video training and other graphical manuals. Our team will eventually go live on site, and demonstrate the system via a series of riveting live events, effectively ensuring the system becomes well familiar to the entire business organization.


Ideaverse will be readily available for any future support of the installed ERP system, and guarantees to deliver real time solutions to real time problems. Our dedicated support staff are available over phone, emails and IM – ensuring no problems are left unanswered. In retrospect, the support team will ensure follow ups to all inquiries and will escalate situations which needs wider support from the development crew – all with striking efficiency.

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