Erick Schonfeld Talks about Facebook Comments

Facebook rolled out a new Facebook comments system yesterday has gotten people commenting about nothing but Facebook comments. The new Facebook new comments is designed for the blog and third-party sites, allowing users to comment on the article or blog post can comment on the post with their Facebook account. Compliments and complaints are floating in the air of the social media world.

Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch explains that Facebook doesn’t support comments from Google or Twitter logins, and because some corporations block Facebook, this makes it harder for users to interact on the articles. Facebook new comment system currently has no backup for the comments. On the bright side, Facebook comments  system forces the users to comment with their real names and this reduces the anonymous users greatly.

Another main benefit of this new commenting system according to Schonfeld is the fact that when you comment on any third-party websites, that comment will automatically appears on Facebook, which gives an even greater exposure to the publisher. Facebook new commenting system also has a way to rank the most liked comments to be at the top, it also detects who your friends are so you will also get to see what your friends are saying. Let’s hear what Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing has to say about this new commenting system.

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