Evernote Releases Smart Cover App for iPad2

I love the colorful magical smart cover of the iPad. Now, I love it even more when I found this app: Evernote Peek.

Evernote Peek is a free app that make use of the behavior of the smart cover to create some fun elements for users. Usually your iPad will be turned on when you lift the cover and it will goes to sleep when the cover is put back.

So, Evernote discovered that if there is a simple Q&A quiz  appearing when you lift up the cover a little, it would be quite interesting. It will be like taking a peek to the clue when you are trying to memorize something.

As their slogan goes,”Remember Everything”, Evernote tries to make this app an aid to help you memorize text or important clues for exams.

Watch the video above to know how fun it is, if you haven’t.

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