exfm Cashes In $750,000

The startup exfm, which is a Google Chrome extension that allows the user to discover new music while browsing, announced today that it was able to raise $750K in seed funding. The company was able to add to the $500K it had raised in May 2010, bringing in a total investment of $1.25 million. exfm will be using its proceeds to fund the growth of its team, launch mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as expand its offerings beyond the Chrome extension.

Along with the rebranding of its product (in December of last year, exfm was known as ExtensionFM), the startup added a lot of new features including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr integration. You might think that Last.fm is your main go-to service for streaming radio and recommendations for similar artists, but exfm is still a great complement to these services.

After installing exfm’s Chrome extension, all you have to do is surf the Web and exfm will notify you if a website has an embedded or linked mp3 file. You have an option of listening to the song on exfm’s player, or you can also create a playlist and add it to your queue. The extension “remembers” where it found the songs so that you won’t have to revisit the page since it will stream from the host site at any point.

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