Facebook Adds New Security Feature “Login Approval”

Have you experienced being hacked on Facebook? No? Trust me, you don’t want to. My account got hacked once by my “good friend…” And let me tell you, the end of our friendship wasn’t pretty (to give you an idea: privacy harrassment and lawsuit). All because he hacked my Facebook account. It was crazy.

And then a month after the incident, Facebook added a feature that requires the user to name the computer that he is using to log into an account, and a message will be sent to the person’s e-mail address who owns the account with the name of that computer at the moment of log-in. So if someone plans to hack you on Facebook, you will immediately be notified in your e-mail that a different device has accessed your account.

Darn. It wouldn’tve hurt Facebook to release that a month earlier.

Anyway as useful as that feature is, Facebook is still trying to think of ways to fill in those extra gaps and holes to make sure that incidents of user account hackings are prevented. The social network has just recently introduced another security feature quite similar to the one I previously mentioned, but instead of knowing afterwards that someone has logged in to your account, you will know at the moment that he is trying to access it even before the log in itself.

Login Approvals, once activated, will send an SMS to your mobile phone that contains an access code. This access code needs to be inputted before the sign-in process is complete. For example, if your account is trying to be accessed on a device that is previously unassociated, Facebook sends a confirmation code to your phone which you will have to use to log-in. So you’ll know if someone is trying to hack your account when FB sends you a text message and you’re not even trying to log in.

I am so activating this feature.

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