Facebook Adds New Subscribe Button

Are there times when you get annoyed by too many un-interesting or noisy status updates, activity screams and you wish you could filter them?  Choosing exactly what you want to see in your Facebook News Feed has never been easy.  Perhaps you don’t want to see stories from acquaintances and would like to see more from your closest friends.  You can’t hear stories directly from your favorite celebrity because you’re not friends.  In short, the feature is limited.

The good news is.. Facebook has introduced the Subscribe Button.  You are no longer limited.

You can decide what types of update you will see.  It could be everything your friend post, and nothing from someone else.  You can even decide what form of updates you want to see – photos only, games only or a combination

Similar to Twitter’s follow function.  You can see updates from your favorite celebrities or leaders even if you are friends.

You have the option to choose whether you want to make your post available for public viewing.  People can see your updates even if you are not friends.

The new feature seem to go against what Facebook has been about: two-way relationships.  They now have the option of letting unnamed followers read their posts.

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