Facebook adds ‘trending videos’ to news feed

Facebook has released a new feature which highlights the ‘trending videos’ of your friends. This will make videos more social then before because you won’t miss it!

The new feature ‘trending videos’ is similar to the recently introduced ‘trending articles’. Facebook is using its trend from what videos your friends are watching and sharing on their profile via Open Graph apps. So in this way, Facebook is trying to make the apps that are connected to Facebook’s Open Graph more social. For apps like Viddy and Socialcam would it be great for their business as their content will be shown up more than ever on the news feed.

Facebook might feature this because the real-time nature of the news feed could be sometimes too much for users to keep on track. When users keep on scrolling, they could miss an interesting article or video.

If you check your Facebook now, probably you will see the new feature in your news feed and the trending videos of your friends will pop up.

Earlier, Facebook introduced ‘trending articles’ and now ‘trending video’, so don’t you think there will be more trending items coming in the future to your news feed? What do you think about these trending items, because you might be not interested in your friend’s videos?


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