Facebook App Developers Can Now See Their Spam Scores

There were a number of  Facebook developers who found that their applications had suddenly been disabled without any warning two weeks ago. The reason of the apps being disabled is Facebook’s spam-fighting bot tracked high amount of negative feedback for those applications from users. However, developers found the bot was acting more aggressive than it should have been and they did not have a way to know how often users were blocking their app updates.

In order to solve this problem, Facebook is announcing that they are taking  a better approach to app banning today. According to Facebook engineer Mike Vernal, developers will now have access to a ‘ News Feed’ tab as part of Facebook Insights. Frequency of their posts being hidden or marked as spam by users will be able to be tracked.

Instead of being simply deleting an app that crossed the spamminess, Facebook  now going to cut off only notification channel that’s producing the spam. In addition, developers will still be given access to their application via a ‘disabled’ mode when an application is deemed to be spammy across multiple notification channels.



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