Facebook Fly High: In-flight Social Network

Late October last year, Southwest Airlines announced its first in-flight WiFi service at a flat rate of USD5 per flight for any device which proves that the internet addiction world is definitely going forward. Today, other major airlines takes the internet one step more specific by giving away the social network on board. These airlines include Virgin America, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, AirTran, US Airways, and Alaska Airlines, each offers a Facebook service from USD4.95 to USD12.95 depending on the traveling time.

According to Gogo In flight Internet, Facebook is the most visited site follow by the use of e-mail which is quite task oriented. While many airlines offer in-flight WiFi, some customers still refrain themselves from using the internet either because they are not aware of the service or they find it rather hard to be believe that WiFi can be enabled on air crafts.

Virgin Airline, Delta, and AirTran together with Gogo plan to offer free internet during the holidays, the service are expected to better in the near future especially for the YouTube lovers. Most Singaporeans are already addicted to 3G and 4G, and whatever communication device that are related to the internet, can you imagine what it would be like if we have full in-flight WiFi air crafts that offer free service?

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