Facebook for All Phone

Having been managing many Facebook websites for mobile phones, Facebook decided that now is the golden time to upgrade its interface to be one for all. Starting today, Facebook will combine its touch.facebook.com, which is a mobile interface for high-end touch phones with its m.facebook.com for feature phones.

‘There will no longer be a difference between m.facebook.com and touch.facebook.com,’ said Lee Byron of Facebook. ‘We’ll automatically serve you the best version of the site for your device,’ he added.

Research have shown that 250 million of its users uses Facebook through mobile devices, this change will help provide consistent users interfaces across mobile devices according to Erick Tseng, Mobile Chief of Facebook.

Some Facebook users will experience a completely new look and feel on the website while surfing on mobile phones while some may not experience much difference. The new web interface also smartly detects whether the user is accessing Facebook via touch screen phone or regular keypad phone, this helps eliminates major bugs that happened before in the old interface.

How is your experience on Facebook Mobile?  Do you think there should be any improvement to the interface?

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