Facebook Glitch Exposes Private Videos

This news gives me another reason not to trust privacy on Facebook.

Facebook’s privacy was supposed to let you restrict who has access to each clip that you have uploaded.If you are clicking on the thumbnail of a private video, you should see a message saying ” This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings” message.

However, it doesn’t work last week as you are able to see your friend’s Facebook videos,including name, thumbnail, description and people tagged in each clip, even though you were not invited to access to the videos. You might have seen all the videos that your friends have posted on Facebook and wondering why they did not share with you.

The glitch which was there for over a week is now fixed. Although it was not a huge problem as you can only access videos that are shared by your Facebook friends, the bug shows how Facebook getting more complex and engineers are constantly pushing changes to its code.

Be careful with the content that you shared online. This kind of bugs can happen again anytime.

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