Facebook Improve’s Friend Lists Feature

The friend list feature has been on Facebook for quite some time, but not so many people are using it.  Facebook announced that they are updating and improving friend lists on the social networking sites to make it easier for the users to see updates from particular list and share with list of friends.  The list can be used to control whom you’re sharing post with, and whose post you want to see.

 The improvements come in three parts

Smart List

These lists use profile information to sort friends into Work, School, Family and City.

Smart list populate automatically

Close Friends and Acquaintance List

Manual lists that do not get populated automatically.

You are in full control who to include in this list. You will see more closest friends’ updates,. Acquaintances on the other hand is another feature where you can simply add friends . Facebook will still show you significant things they post.

What if there are certain people you do not want them to get a hold of any information regarding your photos and recent updates? You can add this people to restricted list. These are people that Facebook users like but do not want to share with, like their boss or parents for instance.  This is different from blocking the user as you can still send them messages or even tag them in your comments or photos.

Better suggestions

Facebook will provide you better suggestions for your smart lists, close friends acquaintances and your own list making them easier to creat and update.

This new functionality will certainly improve the way people filter the information.

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