Facebook Introduced Games stories in the Mobile News Feeds

Facebook developers have been working hard to realize the idea of true word of month as best advertisement and make paid marketing pass the “content” test set up by Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook CEO has always been careful about ads telling that “They need to be essentially just organic information that people are producing on the site.

Seems that next year will be promising for mobile apps developers. Firstly, Facebook had launched HTML5 mobile gaming platform with bait of reaching hundreds of million of daily Facebook mobile users, and just now announced opening its mobile platform for advertisements. These adds will be come in form of Sponsored Stories and look like game stories in the mobile news feed. However, Facebook learned from earlier made mistakes and will take actions to prevent game spam, that is, the volume of mobile news feed game stories will be controlled and feeds will come in form of aggregated stories. Like it is showed on the picture belove, users will see friends name and links to the games they played. While tapping a game users will have a control either go forwards and play a game or quit it.

facebook games

The main aim of newly launched HTML5 platform is to enable small developers also capitalize on mobile games. Even though developers showed modest interest in the adoption of the channel, Facebook believes being able to persuade developers to play around with Facebook mobile and introduced additional features. Namely, in order to increase users’ retention and re-engagement Facebook made 6 bookmarks visible to game players instead of currently seen 4. Next, new alerts will be more noticeable because old bookmark notifications will disappear after being clicked. Games and Apps dashboards will be unified so that all notifications will appear in one place. Game categories have also been revised. Last but not least, Facebook released Games Tutorial for developers to boost new games developed specifically for its platform.

So, being equipped with all essential tools, mobile games developers should hurry up to caught its tech savvy audience.

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