Facebook introduces Private Messaging for Pages

Facebook has recently confirmed that they are testing out a new feature, which will allow users to communicate privately with pages.

Previously, Facebook only allowed private communication between users but with this recent development, Facebook users can now not only communicate directly with pages, and also keep their conversation away from the public eye, instead of posting on the walls of pages as they have always been doing.

So who exactly is Facebook creating this feature for?

With Private Messaging, businesses can now choose to take communication with users off the walls if need be, for example with private enquiries or in the case of addressing feedback. However private messages do not generate News Feed stories and thus pages will miss out on the positive impact of users being aware of certain conversations that they have with other users.

Users also need to have “liked” the page or commented on the page’s wall for the page admin to be able to send the a Private Message but users need not have “liked” the page in order to send the page a Private Message. That could lead to some problems but let’s wait and see when Facebook rolls out the fully fledged version of the feature.

This new feature could definitely increase Facebook’s Pages’ appeal as a communication tool for businesses. The beta is currently only available in Asia and like the Timeline feature, it should be available worldwide in the near future.

I like it Facebook, thumbs up!

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