Facebook is expanding file-sharing to all groups

The time has come; Facebook is going to offer its members of Groups the ability to share files. Soon this will be launched!

In the last month, file-sharing was available to its Groups for Schools. Members could share their files up to 25MB for free. Now the same storage size remains for all groups. It has the same legal restrictions such as music files and executable (.exe) files are prohibited. But music videos, documents, e-books and comics are fair game.

Facebook told msnbc.com: ‘’ We started to roll out file sharing for all groups. There are 380 million monthly active users of Groups; file sharing is only out to a small percentage right now, but we’ll be rolling it out to all groups soon’’.

More than 380 million people use Facebook Groups so this could be a major step of Facebook. However, Facebook is becoming a sort of competitor to Dropbox? What do you think? Now Facebook is rolling out the file-sharing feature to all groups, but would this be available later for all users?

“But, people often use our features and products in innovative ways that we don’t necessarily predict when we first launch them, so however people choose to use this new file uploading to share with their groups is up to them. We’ll wait and see as it rolls out.”

So this update is only remarkable for users who are using Facebook Groups. Would you use this latest feature?

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