Facebook Is Going Into Social Music

After Facebook partnered with Spotify to launch music service, the company is going to work with more music partners for its musical ambition. There are sources telling that Facebook has been approaching other online music services and much of the attention at its annual developer conference, 2011 edition of f8, will be focused on music.

Listening to music, sharing music and talking about it with friends has became very popular. So it makes sense for Facebook to encourage this social activity so that more users keep coming back to its website. Besides, it will encourages downloading and buying music which can be another source of revenue.

Being the number one in display advertising and social games business, Facebook is now moving on its road to become a $100 billion company with this social music service. At eG8 forum, Mark Zuckerberg said that music will be the next industry after games, to get disrupted by social.

Here is how Facebook is going to launch its music efforts on your Facebook profile:

  • You will be able to find a new tab called Music on the left -hand column, right where Photos, Friends, Places, Groups , Deals, and Games are placed. It will be shown if you have listened to music with one of its music service partners.
  • A click on the tab will open a page called Music Dashboard.
  • At the bottom of the Facebook page where the chat icon is placed, there will a  Persistent Playback/ Pause Button. The button functions as a controller of the music. You can see what music is playing on services that you logged into using Facebook Connect.
  • You will also have a page with snapshots of all the songs you have listened to as well top tracks and the number of times you have played it.

For the Music Dashboard, you will have features such as music notifications, recommended songs, top songs, top album from friends, recent listens, etc.

Compared to Apple’s social network for music, Ping, Facebook is doing better as it doesn’t even have to deal with the record labels. However, we are not sure whether Facebook can make money from this social music because songs streamed over Internet has high licensing cost. Music start ups might not afford to pay for it.

For Facebook users, this will be another reason to stick to the site whole day long.



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