Facebook Just Lost Face over Sleazy deal w/ Burson-Marsteller

“You’re not an a**hole. You’re just trying so hard to be one.”

This was a line told to Mark Zukerberg in the movie “The Social Network.” The movie revolves around the creator of Facebook himself and the lawsuit he had to go through for allegedly “stealing” the idea of the Winklevoss twins, who claim that they were the ones who first came up with the concept of the social website. If Mark Zuckerberg was as annoying in real life as he was in the film, then it would be no surprise that Facebook’s latest controversy is leaving the company with no face at all.

Some one explain to me how secretly hiring a PR firm to get bloggers to create negative stories about how Google is invading people’s privacy supposedly “not being an a**hole, but simply trying hard to be one.” Or maybe that’s the whole point of this cheap move – to prove that he’s NOT just trying hard, but a real one. Okay then. Point proven.

Their plot of course backfired when one of the bloggers refused to write such a story and instead published the emails that Burson-Marsteller, the PR firm, sent to him. You can read the e-mail here.

Well that’s that. You kind of wonder what in the world Facebook was thinking for doing such a sleezy move. How could they have possibly thought that they wouldn’t get caught doing this? They don’t even NEED to do this, they’re Facebook for crying out loud. They’re like, immortal as far as social networks go.

I wonder how Google will react to this…

One thing is for sure though… I won’t be stopping my Facebook usage any time soon. Maybe that’s exactly why they didn’t care about getting caught.

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