Facebook launches Groups for Schools

A new type of community page for school is launched by Facebook named ‘Groups for Schools’.  Facebook is trying to create a virtual venue for collegiate collaboration.

The new community page ‘Groups for Schools’ will bring the sharing service back on Facebook. This page is allowing students and faculty members to exchange files, create events and message to each other. However, this page can only be joined by people who have a schools ‘.edu’ email address. So, Facebook will grant an admission if the .edu email address matches the school.

This platform will allow students and faculty members to share comments and documents. There is a file sharing limit of uncopyrighted files up to 25MB on the ‘News Feed’, however no .exe files are permitted. As you know, sharing MP3s and pirated movies is very common so Facebook will definitely monitor these pages.

Everyone on the community page can create subgroups such as classes, parties, clubs or sport teams. Then it would be easier for users to share lecture notes, schedules or assignments. Anything people will post on Facebook can be only seen by group members. As you know, only ‘.edu’ email addresses can join these community pages, so Facebook said that there is no need to worry about the privacy.

Facebook is rolling out this community page all over the world. People can find their University on the website of Groups for Schools. However, this community page seems like a sort of duplicate of Blackboard. Blackboard is very common service among University administration and Facebook seems like trying to duplicate most of the services. But would Universities replace their Blackboard service for the community page ‘Groups for Schools’? As Facebook is the most popular social media website, it could reach students and faculty members easier and in a massive way, right?

Each University page will start with six groups: Housing, Free & For Sale, Event & Parties, Jobs & Interships, Textbook Exchange and Campus Tips. So are you ready to find your University and to become a member?



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