Facebook launches its ‘Web Newspaper’: Interest Lists


Facebook announced it will begin rolling out ‘interest lists’. This is a new service which will make your ‘New Feed’ more like a ‘personalised newspapers’.  Facebook members are able to create and subscribe to ‘Interest Lists’. But only the creator of the list can edit and change the privacy setting such as private or public.

The top stories from your interests will appear in your ‘News Feed’ and if you are interested in the story, you can press the ‘read more’ button, just like an online newspaper.  You just need to click on the ‘Add Interest’ button on the left-side bookmarks to subscribe to any topic. Furthermore, you will be noticed that Facebook will offer standard news topics like Business, Sports, Styles or even more personalized such as NBA Players. When you start to subscribe to topics, the wizard will help you to pick interesting topics from your ‘Liked Pages’, subscriptions and friends.  The cool thing is that you can also recommend lists to your friends. According to Facebook “a new way to keep up with the stuff you care about and tidy up your experience…Interest Lists can help you turn Facebook into your own personalized newspaper.”

Twitters users probably already noticed that it looks similar as the ‘Lists Feature’ on Twitter. On Twitter users can organize their contacts into groups which their Twitter stream can be viewed for a particular topic, event or group. Is it kind of rivalry, or not?

This new feature of Facebook is actually a great advantage for advertisers.  It would be an efficient way for advertisers to target their group.  But still Facebook Members need to use this new service, because otherwise there is no opportunity for advertisers. Advertisers could promote and sell tickets through these lists as the Facebook members are already subscribed to the topics.

This new Newsfeed could be like a personal inbox for you. So would you create a list or subscribe to any interesting topics?

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